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Results include U.S. trademarks, U.K. trademarks, E.U. trademarks (27 countries) and Canadian trademarks.

Save thousands: Instantly eliminate your risky names, identify your best.

Instant Insight Into Name Availability

Rule Out Risky Name Choices

We analyse huge volumes of data so you don’t have to. We combine algorithms, natural language processing, phonetic similarity, and advanced search techniques to rate, rank, and visualize names that are the same or similar to yours.

Instant Insight

  • Understand your search results
    through clear, intuitive visualizations.
  • See conflicts in seconds.
  • Choose your least risky names
    and avoid potential conflicts and problems.

Collaboration Tools

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Share your results
    with your team or clients
  • Make decisions based on
    insight, not emotion

Save Energy, Time and Money

  • Eliminate troubled names quickly,
    avoid wasted time and energy
  • Zero-in on names with
    the best possible chance of success.
  • Involve pricey experts and
    lawyers later in the process

What Users Are Saying About Naming Matters

As part of re-incorporating our company, we had to choose a new name. Checking if a domain name was available using standard methods, was simple but did not give us any information about similar names and trademarks. Fortunately, we were able to use Naming-Matters solution. This wonderful service answered questions which would otherwise take weeks to research, within minutes. Thanks to Naming-Matters we were able to identify the only names that mattered in less than a day.
This is a wonderful service which I recommend wholeheartedly to any business with branding needs.
Co-founder, Telecommunications Company
Naming is not trivial. This is a self-service product -- by using the internet and a credit card I can access the equivalent of thousands of hours of naming and brand intelligence. Every single business will use this worldwide.
Senior Executive, Industrial Design Firm
It did an excellent job identifying classes and gave me instantaneous visual results. Providing this visual language is tremendous, puts everything in context. It does such a great job and is accessible, I can share it with my clients.
Senior IP Partner, Top 50 Global Law Firm
For our projects we look at USPTO and do Google search. But once the client gives our names to lawyers, we are lucky to get even 1 through out of 20, and that can take 1-2 weeks. With this product we will be able to present with much more confidence.
Studio Leader, Global Design Firm
We have ten offices and most do naming. I can’t believe it not helping with everything we’ve ever done.
Brand Director, Global Design Firm

We Know How To Do This

With 30+ years of naming experience, Naming Matters grew out of insight from creating hundreds of successful names. These are some of our favorites.





Intro Includes

  • Try a U.S. & International Trademark search
  • Visualize your search results
  • Identify potential name conflicts/risks
  • Save and share your results



Standard Includes

  • 15 U.S. & Int'l. Trademark searches/month
  • Pause your subscription when not needed
  • Visualize your search results 
  • Identify potential name conflicts/risks 
  • Save, share, and export your results



Professional Includes

  • Unlimited U.S. & Int'l. Trademark searches 
  • Pause your subscription when not needed
  • Dedicated Account Management & Support
  • Search multiple names & datasets simultaneously 
  • Visualize your search results 
  • Identify potential name conflicts/risks 
  • Save, share, and export your results