Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?

Written by Dan Symons
February 16, 2022

Yes, your subscription will automatically be renewed and charged to you each month at its current level unless you pause, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan. As we make this so easy to do on-site, we do not offer refunds if you decide later in the month that you had meant to make any of these changes. So be sure to make any changes at least one day prior to your renewal date, which is clearly displayed on the site.

We do have users who only need their subscription from time to time, depending on the projects they are working on. For this reason we have made it very easy to “Pause” your plan.

Go to your Profile in the top level navigation, and click on Settings. Then click either Settings (again) or Billing, and choose the “Pause” button. The Pause button is at the bottom of Settings (scroll down), or at the top of Billing.

This will Pause your subscription and prevent you from being charged again, but will maintain your access to any saved searches, our FAQ, etc.

You can restart your plan any time by going to Pricing and choosing the plan you want (Pro, Standard) and monthly or annual.