What are the differences between the Trial, Standard, and Professional plans?

Written by SB Master
February 16, 2022

Naming Matters currently offers our customers the choice between three different plans.

Naming Matters currently offers three different plans:

  1. Intro - When you sign up you can search one name and see your results displayed on Naming Matters' patented Visualization, but you will not be able to fully explore your results until you click to purchase one of our inexpensive non-subscription offers shown on that page. Once you see the visualization of your Intro name search, you will be offered two promotional one-time (non-subscription) offers to search and fully explore a handful of names.

  2. Standard - our Standard subscription includes 15 searches per month and the full capabilities of Naming Matters.

  3. Professional - our Pro subscription includes Unlimited searches and the full capabilities of Naming Matters, as well as real time consultation with our founder and dedicated account management and support.

If you are part of a large team, or would like to discuss our Enterprise solutions, please get in touch to discuss our high volume user/multi-user accounts.